Gated residential subdivision overlooking the world-class surf of Playa Camaronal on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula.

Its residential and commercial lots are situated in 34 Hectares that include titled lots for sale, extensive common area grounds for hiking and nature watching, and internal roads and infrastructure.

Water distribution and lot stubs in the Montana Sector is complete, the roads mostly complete, and electrification under contract and in progress. Of the 50 titled lots in this sector, 3 are off the market, 47—nearly all with ocean view—are for sale.

The three sectors of Playa Camaronal are served by five bored water wells. Two storage and distribution tanks are built. Main distribution in 4” and 6” mains and 2” branches presently provide water to 32 Montana Sector lots. The remaining 18 will be served with water once the final two roads in the upper portion of the project are completed …

La Reserva Camaronal has completed Phase I electrical work!!! As of now property owners need only apply to ICE for an electrical service connection. With all transformers and secondary lines in place, the only cost to the homeowner is that of the meter connection pedestal.

The completed first round of utilities distribution is for our Montaña Sector. With the collaboration of Servicios Eléctricos y Telefónicos Gusmar, we have primary and secondary distribution that now provides service to 32 Montaña condo lots and 18 titled lots just outside the Condo boundaries in the Roadside Sector, nearly everything with ocean views.

With over two kilometers of internal road ways completed, LRC lacks only two road extensions to complete the Montana road network property wide. At present, 32 lots now have curbside access, with 18 more lots waiting for completion of the final two roads, which are already permitted for construction.