The three sectors of Playa Camaronal are served by five bored water wells.  Two storage and distribution tanks are built.  Main distribution in 4” and 6” mains and 2” branches presently provide water to 32 Montana Sector lots.  The remaining 18 will be served with water once the final two roads in the upper portion of the project are completed.

Each of the three sectors has a water concession of its own, though water distribution to the Playa Sur and Norte sectors are projected for completion in 2018.

Each of the 40 stubs in place (32 in lots for sale and 8 more in pre-sold lots) is one inch and has a manometer, a water meter, a hose bib, and a main valve, all contained in a grade level stub register box.



Primary electrical power extension to most of the Montana Sector lots has been completed, with primary and secondary lines, and transformers in place. This provides service connection to all Montana Sector lots except for Lots 23-32 and 33-36, which are due to be electrified after the final two roads are built to these upper lots, expected in 2018.  In addition to the Phase I electrical completion in June 2017, lots for sale that were already served by grid power include Montana Lots 1, 2, 3, 22, and 23, and Playa Norte Lots 8-13.



Three kilometers of internal roads have been completed in Montana Sector including one steep road that is paved.  Municipal permits are in place for extension of the final 1.2 km of roads to serve the highest lots on the property (33-40) and lots 23-32.  These roads are planned for construction following completion of the first phase of primary electrification. Internal roads in both Norte and Sur are surveyed and marked but have not yet been built and are projected for 2018.



There are two existing homes on Montana Sector that were built a few years ago.  An 8000 square foot home is presently under construction on Lot 49.  A model eco-friendly budget based on shipping containers is under consideration as a demonstration project to include solar power, rainfall capture for potable water supply.  Preliminary drawings of the Basiko are shown below, cost estimation $75,000.