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Montaña:  50 lots on 20.8 hectares, 47 for sale.  Roads water and grid power installed.  Most lots have ocean views.  All are titled. Roadside:  This sector includes lots that are not part of the condos themselves, located in both the “Road” and “Olive Ridley” sectors.  These lots are owned by private individuals, two with custom homes.
Playa Norte:  13 lots on 3.2 hectares, all for sale. Bounds the maritime zone, steps from the beach. Power distribution in place for lots along the road.  No water or power distribution yet.  All lots titled.  Project: $725.000 Playa Sur:  25 lots on 7.8 hectares, all for sale.  Bounds the maritime zone, steps from the beach.  No Utilities distribution at this time.  All lots titled.  Project: $1.5 million
Tortuga:  Like the Roadside Lots, the twelve Tortuga lots are not part of one of the condos and are all owned by private parties.  Two of these lots are sold, the remainder are on the market. Looking for more than a lot?
Buy Playa Norte Project for: $725K or Playa Sur for $1.5 M, or make an offer on both.  Don’t overlook the commercial lot for $750K.  Inquire.