1517,67 m2$148,417

The North Beach Condominium comprises a 3.2 hectare tract of titled land bounding the Maritime Zone that is segregated into 13 lots averaging 1500 square meters.  The North Beach sector is for the present available for sale as a whole project.  While development plans for internal water and power distribution are scheduled for a second phase of development, grid power already extends along the eastern boundary, meaning that Lots 8-13 are eligible for immediate power connections.

Water is via a concession in its final stages of approval, and a 4” pipe connection with water is already installed as far as the entry to the North Beach property.

Geographically, there is little that distinguishes each lot from the other.  While there is a small hill that provides Lots 1-6 with a bit of a rise and better views, even these lots are not high enough to allow views above the maritime zone trees to the sea.

All these lots are steps from the beach however.  The Camaronal Beach is home to El Refugio de Vida Silvestre Nacional Camaronal, a national refuge staffed by a skeleton park ranger crew and by a volunteer cadre that work year round to patrol the beaches at night and to operate a sea turtle hatchery for the four species of sea turtles that nest at Camaronal. Fill our questionnarie here.