18,936 m2

Never mind the 120 lots listed, the Commercial lot is located at the intersection of the coastal highway with the Refugio Camaronal turnoff.  This intersection is just 100 meters away from the church and school, the heart of Camaronal.  The nearest mini-super is 6 km away in Estrada.  There are no commercial services to support the hardcore cadre of surfers that patronize Camaronal.  On top of that there are 12 international volunteers year round right down the road that are sure patrons of future commerce, whatever that is.

And beyond that is the traffic between Islita, Coyote, Santa Teresa in one direction, and Carrillo, Samara, Nosara, and Greater Guanacaste in the other.

The La Reserva Camaronal Commercial lot measures 18,936 square meters and has an asking of $750,000, or $40 a meter.  Internal segregation considered at $100 / meter.