CAMARONAL :: 7.8 Ha :: $1.29M

World-Class Titled Tract: Horizontal Condo 25 Titled Lots to Flip

 La Reserva Camaronal has two commercial tracts that make up a unique investment opportunity to get the year 2023 started out right…!

First of all there is South Beach. This is a 25-lot residential subdivision that is already conformed under Costa Rican Horizontal Condo law. It has a total of 7.8 hectares of titled land, half of that among the 25 lots, the remainder common grounds. The tract extends from the 200 meter maritime zone boundary inland about 400 meters and has lots on either side of a stream that flows down the middle.

With grid power along one property boundary, and public utility water as well right up to the property boundary, your mission as project manager is to put in access roads, internal power and internal water lines to the 25 residential lots and turn to a marketing and sales plan. 

South Beach bounds the Camaronal Wildlife Refuge, which provides protection to the four species of turtles that primarily nest there. Your South Beach project lots are just steps away from the lovely reception center with a turtle volunteer dormitory and program, ranger station, and shaded day parking for surfers and beach-goers.

Subdivision Projects

Looking for a commercial opportunity of a different nature? We are proud to offer our Commercial Lot, which is the southeast corner of the Camaronal cross roads. This tract extends from the highway all the way to the South Beach property boundary and from the Refuge road east to the stream. It has three large Guanacaste trees and 500 pitaya plants growing on it at present.

But its central location at the corner of the crossroads, ease of access, water, power, all make this lot ideal for a hotel, lodge, or cabina and camp grounds operation, restaurant and bar, or other commercial activities in support of the growing Camaronal population and the new home builds underway in our neighborhood.

The Camaronal neighborhood boasts not only the Camaronal National Wildlife Sanctuary headquartered at Camaronal Beach; they surf that rolls in off the South Pacific has long been touted by the surf community as an epic technical beach break. Named for the shrimp hatchery just a mile offshore, Camaronal is further famous for its awesome baitcasting in the churning waters of the Ora River mouth.

The whole area, cut off until a few years ago by the raging Ora River, has been accessible by bridge now for nine years and has enjoyed an increase in foreign national home builders and developers to capitalize on its uncommon natural splendor, making Camaronal the latest white-hot real estate prospect in the surf and sand district of Coastal Guanacaste, a prime destination now yearning for your patronage and attention!!!

So remote it feels like the ends of the Earth, Camaronal is just ten minutes away from fuel and groceries in Estrada, 15 minutes away from the world class swimming beach of Puerto Carrillo, and just a half hour from the bustling eco-tourism mecca of Samara. In the other direction find Punta Islita just eight klicks down the eastern coast, with its world-class eponymous resort and hotel and the region’s macaw breeding and re-introduction center.

Call now or write for more information. Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to hit the ground running on your real estate investment opportunity in the latest and greatest final frontier of Costa Rica: La Reserva Camaronal South Beach and Commercial Lot; whether together or separately, these properties have motivated sellers. Schedule your showing and hop on a plane today!

All taxes and permits current. Hang five; the surf is up…!