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While not technically part of the Montana Sector, road side lots bound the project and except for Lots 113 and 114 can be accessed from both the public highway that bounds these lots and the Las Baulas Drive inside the Montaña project.  All have water service connection from inside the project and all are served by primary grid power along the road.  All these lots are titled and ready for building.

Lot 123 does not have an ocean view and the terrain is gently sloping, with secondary forest growth, and a few larger trees.  It is bounded along its entire northern length by Kembli Lane and along its southern boundary by the coastal highway.  The most logical driveway will be around 100 meters inside the Kembli Gate.   This property is well suited for a private home with mountain views and is among the least costly of all listings.  The lot is located about 1500 meters by road from Camaronal Beach.  Widely renowned as a premiere surfing break, Camaronal Beach is also home to the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Camaronal, a sea turtle protection refuge with a hatchery and year round volunteer staff for protection of the four species of sea turtles that nest here.

The long list of nearby activities available to homeowners and visitors are summarized here.  For more information about this lot or any others, either write us or fill out our questionnaire here so that one of our sales staff can get back to you with more information.