1297 m2$88,000

Lot C17 is one of twelve titled lots that bound Playa Sur Sector, and which are known as the Turtle Lots.  Of these twelve lots, two have been sold and the rest are for sale.

The terrain of Lot C17 is similar to that of the other Turtle Lots and consists of pastureland located on a small knoll that rises about 4 meters above the surrounding pastureland.  What most distinguishes the lots at this moment is the fact that four of them actually bound the Refugio access road, allowing for simple connections to the electrical grid and a short walk to the beach.  Because C17 sits on a high spot, there is a decent view of the pastureland and the trees that line the nearby stream and the mountains that parallel the coastline.

Lots that do not bound the highway, including Lot C17, have easement permissions for driveways, but the latter are not yet in place.  A two-inch water main presently extends to the entrance of the Turtle Lots but has not been distributed internally.  Since the Turtle Lots are not part of the Playa Sur Condo, the water concession held does not provide water use authorization from the Turtle Lots.  Until an Asada is conformed and launched, buyers will be allowed to pursue private water concessions from La Reserva Camaronal wells that allow for legal water use in the Turtle Lots.

Lot C17 is located less than 300 meters from Camaronal Beach, which other than its renown as a surfing break, is furthermore the home of the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Camaronal, a sea turtle protection refuge with a hatchery and salaried park staff and a rotating staff of 8-15 international volunteers year round for protection of the four species of sea turtles that nest here.

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